Our Process

We work with firms to provide high tech analysis and support, including vetting feasibility, viability, and scalability of ideas that are looking to grow. We use a combination of knowledge from business and tech to provide scrutiny with an expert eye. We provide value by scientifically untangling technology proposals and helping you understand what it means for your business.

1. Problem Review and Identification

The team and customer jointly discuss to determine scope and field of the problem, and see if there has been use cases in the existing portfolio.

2. Expert Matching and Validation

The team matches the client problem with the right expert who can best validate based on their technical background.

3. Research, Analysis, and Modeling

Our expert pulls from his or her knowledge base and experience, and cross verifies with supplementary scientific research and modeling.

4. Timely Solutioning and Reporting

Our expert will set up a 30-minute conference call between the expert and the customer. Supplementary screen sharing as necessary.

5. Results Based Decision Making

The customer can make an informed decision on an investment or project based on the technical and technological validation from the expert.