Product Category: Virestorm Disinfection Systems

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Virestorm is a disinfection technology platform developed from research into electrical plasma-generated ozone systems. It is led by a separate entity Virestorm Pte. Ltd.



Background information

Virestorm Pte. Ltd. is a biodefense company headquartered in Singapore that provides frontlines protection against the COVID-19 coronavirus and other microorganisms using technology grounded in physics and other sciences. We provide sterilization services to a diverse range of clientele, ranging from the very small to the very large. We do not discriminate.

Virestorm is focused on ensuring high-functioning society in the face of biological forces of nature, including pandemics, for the good of mankind by developing and executing strategic technologies to safeguard our delicate ecosystem and community. Our sophisticated portfolio of technologies surgically target microorganisms with the best-in-class kill efficacies, while being held to the highest environmental and safety standards.