What We Do

Air Systems

Our flagship technology is the Urban Scale Outdoor air purification system that cleans and filters the air of neighborhoods and entire cities. As air pollution becomes an ever increasing problem, especially in cities, it becomes imperative that humanity find ways to address this before lose our chance to rewind, starting with ultra-large scale removal of harmful pollutants from the air. Our air purification network promises to accomplish just that, and provide you with cleansed air so that you may breathe easy.

Manufacturing, food production, and natural resource extraction are some of many different industrial activities that destroy surrounding land. These actions ruin natural land, contaminate drinking water, and make local conditions unlivable. We are working with several production facilities in the APAC region to stop the pollutants at the source and safely remove them before they can escape into the environment. We are also testing a solution for de-desertification.

Land Systems

Sea Systems

Over 70 percent of our planet is covered by water. Maritime trade, tourism, and fishing dominate the seas, but leave harsh waste in their wakes. Runoff from human consumption leads to millions of tons of garbage, excess nitrogen compounds, and micro-plastics in the ocean. These pollutants threaten marine life on all levels, reduce biodiversity, and unbalance ecosystems. We are working on ways to treat and solve marine pollution crises to provide cleaner oceans, and in turn, a cleaner Earth.

We work with firms to provide high tech analysis and support, including vetting feasibility, viability, and scalability of ideas that are looking to grow. We use a combination of knowledge from business and tech to provide scrutiny with an expert eye. We provide value by scientifically untangling technology proposals and helping you understand what it means for your business. Learn more about our process

Technical Consulting

Software Systems

Our digital arm fills in a missing service in the Asia market for managing, tracking, and sharing electronic business documents across multiple parties. After forming several partnership agreements, we realized that the APAC market needed a secure and automated way to share information and business documentation. We decided to take upon itself to solve this problem by developing a multi-platform solution that spans many business verticals. Learn more