Reimagining Our Future On Earth

Scientific and Engineering Systems for Our Planet

🍃 ENVIRONMENT is the heart of our solutions.

Singapore Heavy Engineering is driven to breakthrough ceilings by strategically leveraging human capital to make important contributions to development of humanity.

From abstract ideation to engineering works, we bring ideas into the plane of existence, while setting up stringent intellectual property landmarks and commercialization targets.


Our Talented Scientific Team

We gather and leverage world-class scientific and engineering talent to generate ideas and analysis.

Intellectual Property

Our best ideas are developed into intellectual property in key areas committed to the development of society.

Engineering & Scaling

Engineering and ideation are intertwined to build IP into real-world solutions.

Partnering with Our Planet

Founded in 2018, Singapore Heavy Engineering (新重工) brings together top science and engineering talent to develop advanced scalable systems to guarantee the long term viability of life on Earth. These so-called infrastructure-scale life support systems include air, land, and marine systems.

Together with you, we recognize the pressing environmental issues in three areas: sea, land, and air. Our mission is to protect and preserve while serving humanity, in order to ensure the long term viability of life on our planet. We aim to tackle the problems at their source and repair already damaged components of our ecosystem through noninvasive environmental engineering technologies.